Fascinating Experiments in Physics by François Cherrier, Sterling Publishing, NY, 1979 (originally published in France as Experiences de Physique Amusante, 1975)
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Atelier Pica Pica
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Nu aux oranges, 1952-53Henri Matiise
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Wild Eep, Pacific parrotlet hen, by teleos, on Flickr.
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John McAllister
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Alex Noriega
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by jonomilo http://ift.tt/1ir0AAu
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Puce Moment is a short 6 minute film from 1949, resulted from the unfinished short film Puce Women by Kenneth Anger. The film goes through a journey in a 1920’s style with a woman possessed in vanity by her clothes. The dresses used were owned by Anger’s grandmother who had been a costume designer in the silent film era. 

The original soundtrack was Verdi opera music, which was change in 1960 with this amazing psychedelic folk-rock soundtrack  by Jonathan Halper.


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